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A world’s first: Blade + Razor = It’s a BLAZOR

A world’s first: Blade + Razor = It’s a BLAZOR

TONDEO is introducing a true innovation on the hairdressing market: the BLAZOR!

The BLAZOR – a play on the words “blade” and “razor” – is a revolutionary haircutting device that has never existed before in this form.

It all started with an idea!

Ron Schumann, a master hairdresser from the city of Coesfeld, Germany, approached TONDEO with what seemed like a crazy idea at first. He presented his idea of “cutting with a curved blade” to the TONDEO product development team. Why a curved blade? As everyone knows, a curved piece of paper is so stable that it can be used to transport something effortlessly, which would be impossible if the paper were flat. The stability provided by a curve works the same way with a blade. Tests showed that a curved blade delivers maximum stability, ensuring confident cutting and precise work. The idea of the curved blade thrilled the TONDEO developers and marketing specialists, and so, over many development steps, the idea became a completely new kind of haircutting device: the BLAZOR.

Four criteria were required for a new haircutting device from TONDEO:

  • maximum confidence and peace of mind during cutting
  • the utmost in convenience and safety during blade changes
  • confident cutting due to close proximity to the blade
  • simple, self-explanatory, intuitive uses and options without the need for training

The BLAZOR does not require a particular technique. Users are encouraged to hold the device and work according to their own preferences. Hairdressers are free to decide whether to work from the front or back, and it doesn’t matter whether they are right-handed or left-handed – the device fits any hand!

The BLAZOR made its North American debut at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago March 25-27, 2017 at McCormick Place. Check out our newly released video at to see just how much fun it is to work with the BLAZOR, how naturally it fits the hand, and how confidently and accurately it cuts. Because the hand is close to the blade, users have an excellent feel for their work and can vary the cut effect to a very fine-tuned degree. From building volume in fine hair to deliberately taking weight out of fuller hair, developing a base length and shape in wet hair or thinning and giving a fashionable touch to dry hair – it’s all possible with the BLAZOR!






The device comes with ten blades, which can be used twice by simply turning them around. Changing the blades in conventional razors typically involves bothersome blade breaks. Not with the BLAZOR. Changing blades is simple, safe, and fast; the whole blade is simply placed in the open device, the BLAZOR is closed and locked in place, and that’s it!

BLAZOR – cut hair how YOU want!


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