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Glam Mat Lilac


Helps prevent surface damage from hot styling tools. Heat resistant up to 450 degrees. Made of nonslip silicone.

5.5″ x 9″
Made of heat resistant silicone.
Dishwasher safe on top shelf, can sterilize with alcohol, can be placed in barbacide.
Use to place one or more hot tools on (curling irons, flat irons and marcel irons).
Won’t melt, may get warm from extended placement of hot tools but will not melt.
Use with shears and clippers to keep safely in place.
Can be used with crafting – hot glue comes right off, flip over for sorting beads.
Can be used when using a clothes iron. Place iron flat on mat to keep safely in place.
Nail polish will peel off once dry as will hot glue.

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